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2008-04-01 01:33:02 by slave01

Lets see if anyone has any ideas for a flash movie ive made sum ideas up, but i like to see everyones first and listen to what others might want as a flash movie


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2008-04-01 04:19:34

if u like the mario or link series ill bet NG could always use a another crapload of spoofs!!!!

slave01 responds:

what a spoof of classic games?


2008-04-01 10:31:21

How about a girl who farts watermelons?

slave01 responds:

they have allready done that its called faghina girl lol


2008-04-02 17:20:42

Shut up..
you suck lmao


2008-04-02 17:24:36

im thinking biggster is right coz u do suck as a matter of fact and as a matter of fact its cock


2008-04-02 17:27:22

ideas ? think of your own !!!! no ones gna give u eny!!!


2008-04-02 17:32:45

yr asking people for ideas ...its becoz u cant get any yaself even tho u have all the time in the world u lazy shite and dnt go telling my mate to get some balls coz hes not the one who needs them (your mother told me ) and say tha shit again ill fuck you up u lil fucking gay boy

(Updated ) slave01 responds:

ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD? I have a funeral to attend to, 2 weddings and moving houses, and my best friend is moving away. so think about what you say next time.


2008-04-02 17:37:08

Whats with the word noob its not even in the Dictionary and i think some1 has to tell u to get a grammer Course :O i wonder who it will be Submit1 :O


2008-04-02 17:38:52

yes it will be sumbit1

i bet yr regretting messing with us

(Updated ) slave01 responds:

nah not really you guys are halfway across the world


2008-04-02 21:27:27

Just animate whatever comes into your head, usually works for me. =]